November 11 – 13, 2019 | Berlin

The IRL (in real life) Impact of Digital Identity

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Blockchain technology enables the existence of unique digital items for the first time in history. This novel breakthrough is already being applied to the music, movie, collectables, art, and fashion industries — however we still don’t know how to apply this breakthrough to our identity. Each of us has a unique identity that can be secured by a blockchain, creating a provably unique digital version of ourselves, one that cannot be copied nor forged, resulting in a world with less fraud, more secure open borders, and a more accessible global economy. Blockchain powered identity opens the door to verifiable licenses, certifications, passports, credit systems, property ownership, provably fair elections, transparent tax systems, and more. However, this utopian vision has some very real risks and must be approached carefully. In this talk, I discuss the problems facing digital identity and examine how privacy, freedom, and identity intertwine. I examine identity through the lens of Michel Foucault and propose a 3 tier system for digital identity — suggesting how to apply the technology in a way that maximizes both freedom and utility.



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