Postponed to 2021

Cash on Ledger – issuing Cash on R3 Corda for (M2M)-Payments in the Industry

Postponed to 2021: ✓ See you next year ✓ Stay safe ✓ Stay healthy
Tuesday, November 12 2019
15:30 - 16:15

This presentation will provide a look into the architecture of the R3 Corda framework, a ledger solution especially for the financial world, by giving a concrete example use case from the financial world: cash on ledger. The first part of the session will provide an overview of the philosophy behind Corda, its components, process flows and more. In the second part we show how we connect traditional bank payment systems with the distributed ledger world and the business rational behind it. The following questions will be answered: How can Euro securely be issued on ledger, and used for payments? What is the rational behind it? Which technical and regulatory requirements and problems have been solved? Specifically, we will show:

  • who is R3
  • what is Corda
  • why is Corda different
  • what are the main components
  • contract, states and flows
  • transactions and consensus
  • network
  • what is cash on ledger and why we need it
  • which problems (technical and regulatory) are to be solved
  • what is our solution
  • architecture
  • Commerzbank API



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