Blockchain Technology
Whitepaper 2019

Get the latest Blockchain Technology know-how

Stay on top of the latest trends with our Blockchain Technology Whitepaper 2019.What are the current opportunities and challenges? What is the status quo in the various blockchain implementations?  How can you develop your own blockchain project?Learn from top blockchain experts how to get technologies like Hyperledger Fabric, Composer, Ethereum, Corda to work for you!

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Table of content

    • Blockchain Concepts
      Blockchain glossary: Asking the right questions
      Seven experts on the fundamentals of blockchain
      Blockchain – between hype and world improvement
      by Ingo Rammer
      „Decentralization is about freedom, flexibility, and choice. Blockchain is just one more tool“
      Interview with Ricardo J. Méndez
      Blockchain and Web 3.0: The future of private data protection
      by Premjith Purushotham

    • Blockchain Impact & Strategy
      „2019 will be a continued reiteration of how people are using blockchain“
      Interview with Brian Behlendorf
      Why the development of next-generation blockchain platforms must be led by the community
      by Vladislav Dramaliev
      Looking forward to a golden future for the blockchain industry
      by Dr. Demetrios Zamboglou
      IoT and blockchain are ready to drive a manufacturing revolution
      by Ilya Pupko
      Forget about the new internet! Blockchains are the latest ‘Linux alike’ revolution
      by Phil Zamani

    • Blockchain Development
      How to build a Blockchain with Hyperledger Fabric and Composer
      by Thorsten Deelmann and Jannik Hüls
      Tutorial: Develop your own Ethereum Consortium Chain
      by Christian Scharr
      Reliable blockchain oracle for financial data
      by Samuel Brack
      Corda, the open source enterprise blockchain
      by Christian Koller