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The crossover skills of tomorrow’s blockchain developer

As enterprises invest in blockchain, many developers are adding blockchain skills to their long list of disciplines. This article explores some of the requirements that the blockchain developer of tomorrow will need, including a strong security background, and a vast understanding of global finance. Find out how the evolution of blockchain will affect professional credentials.

Where the hell are the blocks?

Corda was developed by the R3 consortium [1] in collaboration with more than 200 technology and industry partners. According to the manufacturer, Corda is an open-source blockchain designed specifically for enterprise use. Unlike other blockchain solutions, information is only shared between the parties that actually need it. This information is referred to as "Shared Facts" in Corda. This article shows how to create, distribute and historicize such shared facts.

Let’s Blockchain with Hyperledger Fabric and Composer

Few technologies have made such a strong impression in regards to their implementation as Blockchain. The image of blocks lined up as a chain is literally embossed in people’s minds. Many conversations about Blockchain revolve around this image and the actual implementation. That's all nice and fun, but it also carries the risk that the key issue is passed over in the discussion: the application. Therefore, the goal of this article is to explore that issue above all. We need to clarify when and why a blockchain solution makes sense. Then, using Hyperledger Fabric and Hyperledger Composer, we will also implement a small use case directly.

Leveraging the power of blockchain in databases

When it comes to traditional databases, the blockchain supports a completely different paradigm. For the first time in computing history, we have a datastore in which we can have absolute certainty about a data item’s creation date and can be absolutely certain that the item has not been modified. How can we integrate the power of blockchain into databases?

Blockchain technology: The future of cybersecurity

Is blockchain technology the next big thing in cybersecurity? The implementation of blockchain as a solution for cybersecurity can limit the number of targets a hacker can attack. The process of decentralization creates a more secure system and prevents easy access for cyber-criminals and potential fraud.



Blockchain Advanced Development

Advanced step-by-step technical guide: Sharing the know-how

Blockchain Impact & Strategy

Experimenting with blockchain technology: Real-world inspiring use cases

Blockchain Technology 101

Principles, tools–frameworks & libraries–and implementation