Blockchain Technology Conference | November 11 - 13, 2019 in Berlin


Security tips on writing smart contracts

Smart contracts work differently to what we’re used to, as they run and execute on the blockchain, not on your computer or smartphone, and this requires a change in thinking while writing code. Here are a few tips that should give you a clear idea of how to properly write smart contracts.

Building full stack dApps today

Decentralized applications (also called “dApps”) are quickly growing in popularity, despite the frequent challenges that come with early stage technologies. What is the current state of building Dapps? Do Dapps scale? Are they worthwhile to build? What are some common development considerations? Let’s evaluate the current maturity of this rapidly evolving ecosystem.

Smart Contract Platforms

The success of the Blockchain technology has brought the idea of "Smart Contracts" back into focus. This article describes the functionality of current blockchain solutions and shows for which application scenarios they are suitable as smart contract platforms.

Blockchain for Java developers: How to build a blockchain in Java

The blockchain hype continues to haunt the world of technology. Meanwhile, numerous banks and software companies have also become aware of this and are trying to place corresponding products on the market. However, anyone who gains a deeper understanding and knowledge of blockchain technology will come to realize its disadvantages. Despite being regarded as a disruptive technology, it may be much more suitable for special applications rather than for the general public.



Blockchain Advanced Development

Advanced step-by-step technical guide: Sharing the know-how

Blockchain Impact & Strategy

Experimenting with blockchain technology: Real-world inspiring use cases

Blockchain Technology 101

Principles, tools–frameworks & libraries–and implementation