November 11 – 13, 2019 | Berlin

Svetlin Nakov

Svetlin Nakov
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Svetlin Nakov

Software University

Svetlin Nakov ( is a passionate blockchain engineer, trainer and experienced developer in broad range of technologies. He is a technical advisor in several successful blockchain ICO projects. Svetlin has 20+ years of technical background as software engineer, software project manager, consultant, trainer, and entrepreneur. He is author of 13 books on computer programming and software technologies and tens of technical and scientific publications. Svetlin has been a speaker at hundreds of conferences, seminars, courses and other trainings. He holds a PhD degree in computer science, medals from the International Informatics Olympiads (IOI) and the Bulgarian President’s award “John Atanasoff”. Currently Svetlin drives the largest training center for software engineers in Bulgaria – the Software University where he teaches thousands of young people in software development.

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