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Dr. Szabolcs Hargittay

Szabolcs Hargittay
Postponed to 2021: ✓ See you next year ✓ Stay safe ✓ Stay healthy

Dr. Szabolcs Hargittay


Szabolcs is a lawyer with 15 years experiences in advising and launching new projects in the blockchain/startup world. He has passionately been playing competitive chess for more than 30 years. Chess taught him how to think in a logical and straightforward manner as well as giving him the ability to see things from different perspectives.
His law firm (Hargittay and Toth Law Office) is engaged in business law, GDPR, and IP law. They are also deeply involved in the blockchain/crypto world. Their office is the founder of the Hungarian Blockchain Technology Foundation, where they thrive to educate people on blockchain-related fintech solutions and their regulatory environment.
Recently, they have participated in developing a software (called Everprove) that will allows its users to draft contracts from templates and burn them onto the blockchain, thus certifying the parties, the content, and execution date in an immutable way.

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