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Vinita Rathi

Vinita Rathi
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Vinita Rathi


Vinita is the CEO and Founder of Systango. An ex-VP of Goldman Sachs, she is a highly adept technology professional with a personal passion for Fintech, Blockchain, and IoT projects.
Vinita has over five years of experience in a tier 1 investment bank specializing in trading technology and about five years as the CEO and founder of a global software consultancy (Systango) with 100+ employees, a client roster that includes the likes of Grindr, Dialpad, ResearchNow, Deloitte, Oracle, and Porsche.
She is also the founder of Studio Fintech, specialised in dealing with Fintech and blockchain ventures with a focus on blockchain-centric projects. She has been working with quite a few clients to create their own DAPPs and launch their ICOs.
Vinita is a very active member of the Women in Tech community in London and founded Women Hack for Non Profits and Women Who Code London.

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