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„Hands-on, a strong focus on technology & no ICO hype. Finally a conference focusing on the concrete benefits and use cases of blockchain technologies. I‘m looking forward to November.“

Ingo Rammer



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Table of content

    • Blockchain Technology 101
      Blockchain roundup: Invaluable advice from top blockchain experts
      Blockchain: A technical primer
      by Greg Brady

    • Blockchain Advanced Development
      From Java to blockchain: How to become a blockchain developer
      Interview with Eugene Kyselev
      dApps 101: Tips and tricks to get you started
      by Michael Kordvani
      Making smart contracts safe with Hyperledger Sawtooth
      Interview with Dan Middleton
      “The currently unrivaled programming language for smart contracts is Solidity for the Ethereum blockchain”
      Interview with Alfred Shaffir
      Programming a crypto mining rig: How does it work?
      by Amir Gvili
      How Can Blockchain Technology Help Boost Cyber Security?
      by Victor Stolyarenko

    • Blockchain Impact & Strategy
      Overledger aims to open blockchain’s “borders” and facilitate development of multi-chain applications
      Interview with Paolo Tasca
      School is in session: Blockchain education is needed ahead of mainstream adoption
      by Nicola Stojano