Blockchain Technology Conference
November 23 – 24, 2020 | Munich

Software & Support Media Group

Software & Support Media is an international media company focused on the IT sector. The company’s information and service offers are tailored to IT professionals of all important technology markets.

For many years Software & Support Media has been sharing its knowledge as a reliable partner for businesses of all sectors.

Software & Support Media’s portfolio covers conferences, trainings, specialized magazines, video tutorials, online services and books. In Europe, the media group ranks among the most comprehensive cross-media companies of its kind. Software & Support Media helps more than 100,000 IT professionals of all industries and levels to enhance their knowledge for making the best technological decisions and investments for their projects.

The extensive amount of highly valuable contacts that can be reached through Software & Support Media’s offers are the perfect environment for media and sponsoring activities to reach out to high-level contacts throughout European companies of all sizes and sectors.

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