Postponed to 2021

Too many challenges, so little time – How can blockchain integration succeed without an army of engineers?

Wednesday, November 13 2019
14:15 - 15:00

For a long time, neither politics nor business took the issue of Blockchain seriously. Today, every larger company develops at least proof of concepts, while Blockchain initiatives are proclaimed. However, feasibility quickly reaches its limits when it comes to transforming a PoC into a product. The rapid development of the space, even by IT standards, and a simultaneous lack of Blockchain experts slows down many projects. In this talk, Patrick Stürmlinger points out the difficulties of integration and introduces you to the concept of a Blockchain gateway (including an exemplary implementation), which solves the biggest integration problems such as the different functionality of the different Blockchains, the predictability of costs and the handling of mini-forks. 



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