Postponed to 2021

Blockchain 2018 – Where are we today?

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Postponed to 2021: ✓ See you next year ✓ Stay safe ✓ Stay healthy
Tuesday, November 20 2018
09:00 - 09:45

In this keynote session, Ingo summarizes the current state of the art and the minimum set of questions every project needs to ask itself before choosing blockchain technologies. He’ll discuss the underlying landscape of public and private blockchain tools, which you’ll hear about throughout the conference. You’ll hear about the ecologic and economic impact of different consensus algorithms (and why the often publicized "mining cost" is not relevant in most business projects) and why the creation of a private blockchain network is less a technical question and more a question of governance models. You’ll leave with a technological roadmap on which you can base your session selection for the remaining days of the conference.



Blockchain Advanced Development

Advanced step-by-step technical guide: Sharing the know-how

Blockchain Impact & Strategy

Experimenting with blockchain technology: Real-world inspiring use cases

Blockchain Technology 101

Principles, tools–frameworks & libraries–and implementation