Postponed to 2021

From 0 to 100: Permissioned blockchains with Hyperledger Fabric and Node

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Postponed to 2021: ✓ See you next year ✓ Stay safe ✓ Stay healthy
Monday, November 19 2018
09:00 - 17:00
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Hyperledger Workshop

In this full-day workshop, Manuel Rauber and Ingo Rammer will get you up to speed for development on Hyperledger Fabric. We’ll start with setting up initial network and channels, address the various cryptographic assets that you’ll need to create, and show how to add more organizations and peers to your network over time. After this initial step, we’ll dive right into Chaincode development (smart contracts in Fabric’s terminology) with node.js with the full develop/test/deploy/update-lifecycle of your applications. And of course, we’ll also look into client development with Fabric SDKs which allows your existing applications to interact to your blockchain network and Chaincode.



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