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Multi-Signature Wallets

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Wednesday, November 21 2018
16:30 - 17:30

In this talk we will discuss the concept of "multi-signature wallets" (multisig wallets) and will demonstrate through live examples how to protect and manage crypto-assets using a shared multisig wallet, owned by multiple users together, and how to collect signatures to authorize transactions.

During the wallet registration phase owners agree on the signature scheme to be used to authorize the transactions in the multisig wallet, e.g. "2 of 3 signatures". Later, each transaction is executed after it is signed and approved by enough authorized participants.

In the live demonstration we will go through an example of multisig wallet, implemented as Solidity smart contract, will configure and deploy it in the Ethereum blockchain network and will submit transactions, sign transactions and send approved transactions using a Web3-compatible wallet (MetaMask / Mist / Parity) or hardware wallet (Ledger / Trezor).




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